Thai Culture and Food Festival + SONY FS700

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This video was shot with my lovely SONY FS700. I had to include my wife in this video because she demand that she is in at-least more then one shots :-) Anyway enough of my wife. This video is not to show what the event it is about. but it is more about me learning new way of shooting or capturing some very interesting moment on the day. Remember I have only started shooting about 5 months ago. If you have operate the FS700 you will know it is not an easy camera to shoot slow-motion with. Yes some people say after 1 minutes slow-motion will get boring because there are no creativity. I like shooting with slow-motion just like some people who like to shoot with RED instead of F55 etc. Anyway enjoy the video. Took me 4 hrs to shoot on the day and 6 hrs to edited with Premier.

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